Meet Julie

Julie feels passionate about encouraging women. Through a lengthy and challenging season of life, she found it possible to sustain hope through God’s Word and the comfort she received from others.

Her sincerity enables her to encourage hearts through her speaking and writing. Formerly, Julie served with The International Church of the Foursquare Gospel as a Licensed Minister.

Along with her husband, Wayne, and Harlee, a tender-hearted Golden Retriever, Julie lives in Dallas, Texas. She enjoys designing homes with Interiors by Julie Marie. In her free time, Julie facilitates Engage Parenting classes at her local crisis pregnancy center.


  • Charlsey

    All the years I have known you, your words have truly been “golden apples set in silver”! It is with praise and thanksgiving God has placed you in our lives.

  • Mary Hollingsworth


    Beautifully written and a lovely message. I’m sure your words will be refreshing to your followers. Congratulations on the new blog–it’s a great addition to your growing platform. Well done!



  • Julie Smith

    With school in full-swing, I understand the scheduling pressures – no worries. Thank you for your kind words. We still have your “Bucket List” from Sky Ranch, safe until we meet again. : )

  • Angela Kelley

    Hello Julie,
    Please forgive me for being out of communication. Life is fast! It’s so wonderful to read your inspiring words! So you’re writing a book too! Wow, what a blessing you’ll be and are! I’ll try to catch up soon!
    Blessings to you and your family!

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