Rebekah had scary dreams and night terrors until…

Inspired by My Daughter’s Battle with Bedtime Fears and Night terrors –
How One Simple Prayer Put Her Fears To rest!

Sweet Dreams Little One is a wonderful way for every child to recognize God’s care and comfort for them. This story is a reminder that God hears our prayers and helps us in our deepest needs. The beautiful words and illustrations give parents the opportunity to encourage and strengthen their children’s faith in God. Julie Smith shares a story from her own family that will be a blessing to your family.

Karol Ladd, Bestselling author
The Power of a Positive Mom

Jesus Comforted Rebekah

Sweet Dreams, Little One, a beautifully illustrated children’s picture book explores my daughter’s struggle with nightmares and night terrors. Through one simple prayer, “Lord, help Rebekah dream about You and how much You love her,” Rebekah overcame her bedtime fears.