Growing in Christ

“The Enemy says, “Quack!”

Recently, while walking my Golden Retriever, as we approached a pond lined with mama, papa, and baby ducks; unexpectedly, I learned something about fear. Maddie, our six-year old dog has near-obsessive interest in paper products of all varieties (crazy, I know), along with balls, rabbits, and squirrels, but not ducks! Well, as we came closer to the ducks, the quacking from the mamas and papas got louder, had increasingly less and less time between “quacks,” and sent off a general sense of alarm to all who could hear. Just as we were about to reach the sidewalk across from the pond and the ducks, each duck made a take-off for the pond. Meanwhile, Maddie and I very peacefully kept walking past them, laughing inside and outside – well, at least I did!

As we finished our walk that morning, I realized that I am a lot like those ducks. As I survey circumstances and people without a knowledge of the truth, I too, want to flee out of fear. The truth was that Maddie posed no threat to those ducks, and they got wet because they did not know the truth! A long-term, frequent, and stressful situation I encounter has caused my webbed feet to take-off, too. It seems that the Lord used the ducks to show me that because I choose not to operate in the truth, (i.e. not to fear people), that I too, get soaked from the waters of fear. Additionally, I realized that the person I have feared does not represent the level of threat that I had once believed. It would be impossible to recount to you the many times I have left dry, peaceful ground for the nearest water hole attempting to escape that which was clearly not a threat. Hindsight says, “ouch, and learn!”
Can you relate to fearing a person or a seemingly threatening circumstance? If so, we are in good company! God’s desire for us, is that we choose to be still in Him amidst threats and potential threats, reminding ourselves that He is God, not the person or the possible circumstance. The enemy’s strategy is to paralyze us from walking out the Lord’s daily purposes for our lives by tempting us to walk in fear. Meanwhile, God is holding out His hand to us, asking if we want to take a casual stroll right past the people and circumstances that appear to be a threat. Will you choose to take hold of His hand today, as He walks you right past the fears? If so, I believe that He will reveal to you more and more of His heart towards you and the truth about what or whom you have feared. Lord, please strengthen us not to flee from the truth when the enemy says, “Quack.” : )
“Be still and know that I am God.” – Psalm 46:10


  • Julie Smith

    Charlsey – oh, I love the picture of the safety and security you felt in your family! And, I love that we truly are safe in Him, though we will receive bumps and bruises along the way. Eternally, we are secure in Him. Thank you for sharing your heart herein. Love you!

  • Charlsey Greenlee

    Julie, a wonderful analogy!! Growing up in my little family and extended family, I knew no fear. Perhaps it was because of my “loud quacking” Mother and Dad. In reality I believe it was in and through their example and faith. I only knew fear when I, in my naïveté, stepped out of that environment into our worldly society. It was then I discovered there just might be people who might not love you:) When I claimed I John 4:18, I realized God’s and my family’s love is my protection against all fear.

  • Wally Hoskins

    While at CFNI I heard a missionary relate the following. He was in Africa, somewhere out in the bush. They were very safe in a high-walled compound. The first night, as darkness settled in, and he said it was very dark, the very frightening roars of the lions could be readily heard. very scary. The next day he was told that it was the old, toothless males that did most of the roaring. It had a paralyzing effect on the animals being hunted. That’s what fear does to us. Let us remember that Jesus is The Lion from the tribe of Judah. Beware that we never underestimate the enemy, but for the most part, with Jesus at our side, he is toothless.

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